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Writer, Poet, Editor
Wildlife Biologist


As a writer, I feel called to witness and give voice to the insights
and inspiration that arrive when I am present and attentive
to other beings, the land, the wind, the water---all that is wild.

My writing honors the stories and wisdom of nature and its inhabitants
and the nourishment and fortitude I receive in their company. 

To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work."  -- Mary Oliver 

bogart, r. sustains front cover smaller.jpg

All That Sustains  now available!

Roxanne Bogart's first book of poetry, a beautifully illustrated full-length collection, is now available through Off The Common Books. Illustrations by Nancy Haver. September 8, 2022

"All That Sustains is a gift of profound gratitude from the poet to the wonders and abundance of nature---yes, even as it is 'red in tooth and claw,' Gather this book in your arms and follow it through the seasons to the inner and outer worlds of a keen naturalist-poet who speaks of her place among creatures, land, water, what lives, what dies, and what matters. And in the way of a fine field guide, you will be led to identify and praise more clearly your own."

--- Patricia Lee Lewis, award-winning poet, founder of the Straw Dog Writers Guild, and author of A Kind of Yellow and High Lonesome.


Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada.

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